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James Anthony Allen is an evangelist and aspiring author who has written several screenplays, novels, and other inspirational uplifting publications. He is a multimedia professional and the founder of eBlessings, a non-profit organization which helps African orphans by encouraging economic self-sufficiency and which works with Americans recovering from addiction and other life issues.


James Anthony Allen is a divinely delivered former crackhead who is a new person in Christ Jesus. He lives a miraculous life. He has four children. He was born and raised in North Carolina and now resides in Georgia.  As the founder of eBlessings, an Internet ministry and international network, he serves over 32 ministries and countries around the world. eBlessings lends a helping hand to ministries, orphans, and people in need. Well over 1,000 children have participated in the Pen Pals Program. eBlessings produces inspirational books and booklets, including the immensely popular International Daily Devotional, which is produced through the efforts of numerous ministers and lay people from around the world.


Anthony's family endured the throngs of his abusive lifestyle. His then wife, Elizabeth stayed by his side and she waited, prayed, and believed her husband would be delivered. The Lord is faithful and He answered her prayers. Anthony, his wife, and their two girls, Francesca and Olivia now await the DeKalb County Court to determine if this family should be broken up through divorce or kept together.


As of 22 December 2009, this family which endured so much and raised eBlessings up is separating. Please be in prayer for God's Will to be done. Thank you.


Anthony was a member of the United States Army, Europe. Anthony will address any of your individual or group ministerial or spiritual needs upon request. 



Please email Anthony at:   or  


For the folks in the skyscrapers, homies in the housing projects, teenagers in the suburbs, individuals seeking approval in all of the wrong places--


For those people who feel they are no longer any good to society and have no hope of recovery-- Buy this book for someone who needs victory over poor choices, bad decisions, and destructive behaviors.


A Christ-centered book.

A true Inspirational Story with Revelation by the Holy Spirit.


ISBN: 1-4196-4887-X

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Thank you for your continued patronage of eBlessings' products and services. You Make a Difference with eBlessings!





 iJac?   Now a PDF...

This is one book you will not put down... People just love it... iJac?


Salvation and Revelation are within... Get Your PDF Copy Today!


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iJac?: is JESUS a crackhead? is a testimonial book about a divine, supernatural intervention of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus in the life of a person who was addicted to the street drug "crack cocaine." The author was delivered from being a "crackhead" by Jesus Christ so he could be free. You may know someone who may need to read this book.











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This is an inside look at how an addicted person overcame adversity through divine intervention and how to continue in sobriety as one productively plugs back into society. What is your drug of choice: shoes, clothes, sugar, candy, beer, relationships, over-the-counter or under-the-counter drugs, sex, or work? A personal life-changing story about one man’s life impacted by poor decisions leading to spiritually challenging consequences.


iJac? is an inspirational, motivational look at the divine, supernatural deliverance of a crackhead ( a person addicted to crack cocaine)!  You, too, can be delivered from your drug of choice. iJac? also contains heavenly revelation which followed his supernatural miracle. Lives have been changed; lives have turned around because of what the LORD has ordained for this anointed, blessed book!  A highly recommended investment of your time!





"Anthony, you must be out of your mind!"


"I couldn't put it down until I finished it"


"I gave it to a friend. It took him weeks to finally read it, but his life turned around."


"This is a great testimonial."


"This is a great testament to what the Lord can and will do."




The Holy Spirit let me know that

the sons and daughters of perdition will be

the ones who complain the most about this book which has set so many of God's people free.


They do not hear His Voice nor do they acknowledge His Miracle.



Be the First in Your Group, at Your Meeting

to Own a Copy of this Wonderful Book!

This book will have you awestruck. It is simply amazing.




ISBN: 1-4196-4887-X



eBlessings supports orphans and street children globally and struggling people locally. Please support us with your donations!

We accept all major credit and debit cards; checks and money orders can be sent to the above address. Donations are welcomed!


Each One!  Bless One!

You Make a Difference!

eBlessings is a 501C-3 non-profit, community-based ministry with international ties to Christians from five continents and over fifty nations.




This is one book you will not put down... People just love it... iJac?


Salvation and Revelation are within... Get Your PDF Copy Today!


Preview the Book.

See what YOU think...


Purchase Your Softbound Copy Now!




an E-Book...











Each One! Bless One!

You Make a Difference!





All written correspondence, checks (cheques), money orders, offerings, tithes, gifts, joys, love offerings, contributions, support, and all payments may be sent to:

P.O. Box 601, Stone Mountain, GA USA 30086


Email may be sent to:



All written correspondence, checks (cheques), money orders, offerings, tithes, gifts, joys, love offerings, contributions, support, and all payments may be sent to:




Please feel free to contact any of the Outreach Partners whose information is found on this web site to send your financial gifts of support as they help you spread the Gospel to all the corners of the earth. If you have any questions concerning any of the ministries, visiting countries, and any other points of interest and questions, direct them to James Anthony Allen, Email:




Offerings, tithes, gifts, joys, love offerings, contributions,

support, and all payments may made here through Pay Pal:

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A Vision of Caring and Sharing!

Each One! Bless One!

You Make a Difference!


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