This effort on this page cannot proceed as I had planned due to financial concerns which hinder my receiving as continuously as possible concerning the upcoming events and pressures, nationally and internationally which will be bearing down upon the world from this time forward until about 2013; at which time civilization as we know it will have changed and the remnant will be dealing with the adjustments which nature and Father God has thrust upon us not only because of our disobediences, but more so because we have not learned to live and be like Christ Jesus and therefore have not learned to use and implement His Supernatural Powers which can hinder or stop some or all of the upcoming and now occurring natural events which are happening around the world.


   I will not do a Blog, because it will take too much effort to manage the irreverence and the evil minions. Please see Twitter and Dwell On This, Word Of Wisdom, Daily Devotional, Devotional Archives, Revelation, Mysteries, and Prophecy Pages for information, inspiration, revelation, and suggestions as to what will be occurring in a neighborhood near you in the coming months and days. Also look for the Videos which are forthcoming.

Peace and Love in Christ! PLC!

James Anthony Allen






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