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If you invest a Gift in April, your Gift, plus your bonus Gift will be returned in full on October 1.

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Help Us for the Sake of the LORD's Work and His Kingdom.  Like many ministries these days, financing is crucial. While on this site you may have noticed that some of our links are broken or the web sites which our advertising towers point to no longer exist. This is because not only does the eBlessings' administration need your support but your brothers and sisters around the world in the Missions Fields, need your support also.  The present economic situation that America is in is prevalent around the world, but most certainly in the countries and neighborhoods in which eBlessings serves.  Will you now, take a moment to write a check, click on one our buttons below and help us to serve The Messiah through your generous donations.  Your support will keep eBlessings going, spread the Gospel and feed innumerable children and provide shelter for orphans and disenfranchised families in far away places and closer than you can imagine. Just take a moment and give.  If for no other reason, help for the sake of all this effort; for the sake of the work for the LORD. Thanks!


Purchase products from our Corporate Partners... financially, it helps everyone here...

The Children in the background are from Joseph Klougan's God's Children International.


 We thank you  for your support of the efforts of so many people to do what we believe is the right thing in these troubled times in which we live.  We appreciate your support on any level possible to make our efforts come to fruition so many children and individuals can benefit from our over-abundance.  It is important to share that which has been so generously given to us by God and that which we have been allowed to achieve because of our unrelenting efforts.  Thanks! 



 eBlessings.us  is a faith-based, non-profit corporation, 501(c)3, network, and ministry founded by James Anthony Allen. The purpose of eBlessings is to assist Christian ministries throughout the world which focus on assisting orphans, street children, and families who are in serious need of social intervention and assistance.



 The problem is  there is a large number of street children and orphans in countries in Africa, Asian, and Eastern Europe. The causes of this problem are: HIV/AIDS, genocide, child abandonment, rape, torture, domestic abuse, poverty, war, and the lack of economic opportunity, coupled with little to no education of parents and guardians. This has resulted in a large number of disenfranchised children and families who are unable to avail themselves of opportunities available to socially integrated families and community members. Human rights violations against children in the 1990s have become a common and disturbing occurrence in many African countries.



 There is an urgent need for the problems to be addressed. The long-term consequences of this problem if not address with result in children will not having proper nutrition because of lack of food. Children will not have educational opportunities due to lack of requisite school fees. Children will not have money to purchase clothing appropriate for their size or the season. Parents will send their children into the streets to beg, steal, engage in petty trade, or prostitute, which will place them in danger of petty street thugs, vehicular accidents, drug abuse, and those who prey upon the less fortunate.


Thanks for clicking a Pay Pal button.

* * *

Atlanta, Georgia 30306



  No Pay Pal Account Needed

 Again... Thanks!

eBlessings Supports Ministries and Orphanages


 Numerous organizations, which have a social and community focus, partner with eBlessings.

 You are welcome to give directly or indirectly to any of our partners. In Pakistan with network with Brother Ameir, Brother Ravi, and two other ministries. In Rwanda, we network with HOSTA, Mission Puissance de la parole MPP, Good Samaritan Christian Association, Association of Pentecostal Churches; in Liberia, Children for Christ Ministries International, Victory Assembly Church, Liberian Refugee Camp, Liberian Children Educational Rescue Foundation; Life in Glory Apostolic Christian Center; in Ethiopia, East African Sisters for Charities, Full Gospel Church; in India,  Light of Hope Association, Jesus Christ Prayer Church, Four Corners Ministries, Jesus Love Ministries; in Ivory Coast, Evangelic Church of Revelation, Mission International Canaan Grace et Benediction; in Kenya, Jesus Praise Centre Church, Living in Victory International Ministries; in Gambia, Glory World Outreach Ministries; in Lome-Togo, Pentecostal Mission of the Christian Fraternity of Togo; in Burkina Faso, Assembly Church of God; in Myanmar, Four Corners Ministries; in South Africa, Free Gospel Fire Ministry, His Centre Praise & Worship Cathedral, Tower of Grace Worship Center; in Nigeria, Gospel Missionary Foundation, Revival Valley Ministries, Healing Banquet Ministries, Laughter Foundation Christian Ministry, Turningpoint Ministries, Christ Tower Bible Church, The Word Of Righteousness Ministries International; in Zambia, Shalom Bible College; in Zimbabwe, Greater Bibleway Gospel Church; in Ghana, Success Life Ministries, Hope Assemblies Of God; in Congo, Yahwe Jire Church and in Tanzania, Save the Nation Foundation (SANAFO). These organizations, most all of which are Christian church-based, represent men and women who live lives dedicated to the service of others. They are currently giving social assistance in the communities in which they live and are therefore positioned physically and organizationally to administer available resources.







 CENTER 4 HOPE (Centre for Disadvantaged Children)



                  Pujehun town, Pujehun District ,

 Sierra Leone




30 Orphans and Street Children






Rev Peter B Kainwo Executive Director

36 Musa Street, Bo, Sierra Leone


Cell Phone: +232 76 679 576 ,+232 33 679 576

                E-mail: petina2441@yahoo.com/ mission4salone@yahoo.com




Twenty Nine Thousand, Eight Hundred and Fifty Dollars



 Registered with the Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs




Rev. Peter Kainwo

Mission Salone

Sierra Leone










New Options for Contributing


We have three new ways of giving:


Payroll Deduction


Electronic Funds Transfer (Monthly)


Electronic Funds Transfer (Single payment)

Simply fill out the forms and turn them in to the appropriate team members. Feel free to explore these new giving options. We all appreciate your support!  Thanks!  Adobe PDF Reader required to download the required forms.










$5,000 USD






$500 USD



$1,000 USD





Underwriters Needed



For these Projects:



eBlessings' Training Center ($2.5 Million)




Orphans (Clothing, shelter, books, medicine, etc.) ($250,000)




Outreach Programs ($150,000)




Daily Devotionals Production / Distribution ($100,000)




Web Site Maintenance ($77,000)





Pen Pals ($75,000)



Marketing ($155,000)




Cash Payments






(Thank You for Every Kindness.)


No Pay Pal Account Needed




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Purchase products from our Corporate Partners... financially, it helps everyone here...



All written correspondence, checks (cheques), money orders, offerings, tithes, gifts, joys, love offerings, contributions, support, and all payments may be sent to:



Atlanta, GA USA 30306


Email may be sent to:






All written correspondence, checks (cheques), money orders, offerings, tithes, gifts, joys, love offerings, contributions, support, and all payments may be sent to:




Please feel free to contact any of the Outreach Partners whose information is found on this web site to send your financial gifts of support as they help you spread the Gospel to all the corners of the earth. If you have any questions concerning any of the ministries, visiting countries, and any other points of interest and questions, direct them to James Anthony Allen, Email: eblessings@gmail.com.


Offerings, tithes, gifts, joys, love offerings, contributions,

support, and all payments may made here through Pay Pal:


No Pay Pal Account Needed



A Vision of Caring and Sharing!

Each One! Bless One!

You Make a Difference!




A Vision of Caring and Sharing!


Each One! Bless One!


You Make a Difference!



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