Dr. Idem Ikon, Presiding Archbishop
Revival Valley Ministries International
P. O. Box 1697; Calabar, Nigeria

Telephone: 234(0).802.339.0488


In May...


May 2010


This is the orphanage that I adopted in Kisii, Kenya
they do not have good drinking water and the rents for their accommodation is prohibitive.



If we do not do something urgently, they may not have any where to live.





I plan to sink a water well for them and it costs almost thirty thousand dollars ($30,000.00)

to have a borehole that will give clean water in the area.








Evangelizing in the market place. Kenya.



The great commission is to all the world and includes the market place of the lowly.


























This is what the church building looks like in some parts of this world. Kenya.












Thia church I adopted and the changes are beginning to show.















In April, I will be leading a team of ministers to the Kisii region of Kenya. I will be holding an evangelistic campaign and a School of Ministry for the Pastors and church leaders
in the area.


During this period, I intend to visit one of our orphanages in the area to provide the children with clothes and food items. I also plan to drill some wells for them to have water as this area has been hit by perennial drought for years now. The children are dehydrating and dying and their cattle are dying for lack of water. I must get help for them immediately. There must be a way of getting help to them. When next we talk and that will be soon, I will need to get to know how I can get the funds via my site.


Keep us in prayer.

Idem Ikon (


Support Bishop Ikon in his efforts;


Thanks, and please do send support ASAP seeing I leave for Kenya an ten days and do need a lot of help. We are helping out in an orphanage as well as drilling at least two water wells for the people of the Kisii District of Kenya. There has been a perennial drought in that area which has caused not only a very poor harvest, but their animals are dying and the children are dehydrated. I need people to respond to this need and outreach.

Regarding the web site, we are still having some challenges with it. The person hosting it is a medical doctor and has a very busy schedule. He says he owes his success in life to me so he wants to do it. Now as soon as we can get the second one up in July when I come, We will find a way to get it linked so you can have access to uploading into it.
We may not be able to do all that need be done in this trip, but we will be going back in August to continue the work there. During the August trip I will also be going to Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania.



Dr Idem Ikon and the Account Number is 0213003000237.
Corporate Banking Group,
Plot 22 Murtala Mohammed Highway,
Calabar, Cross River State.
Tel: 087- 236502
Think Banking... Think Oceanic




After an encounter with God in the 26th of November of 1967, things just began to move very fast for Bishop Ikon in the new direction God was leading him. By January of 1968 the leading women in the church he was attending put him up to preach during their open air campaign. This marked the beginning of his journey into world missions. On the 8th of Feb 1973 while in prayer, God spoke to Bishop Ikon very clearly that He would have the Bishop to go to the nations with God's miracle working power. Since then Bishop Ikon has been privileged to witness God touch lives in over 35 nations around the world. Through crusade efforts, literally hundreds of churches have been planted mainly in Africa, but also in Europe, America and the Caribbean Islands.




Preaching, Teaching and Healing in the name of Jesus until the kingdoms of this world become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ. 



This is where as a people we gather daily to:
Be in the Presence of Jesus.
Demonstrate God’s nature and character.
Provide a place to experience His life.


MEDICAL MISSIONS.  We believe that God wants to heal every one who needs healing. We witness outstanding miracles in all of our crusades. However, we also see the miracles that did not happen and we know that God wants to heal this people. Therefore we take medical teams along with us during many of our crusades.  They carry out surgeries and all kinds of medical services that we offer free for the people.

Reaching the unreached at all costs.


World Missions
Every believer is a minister.
Teaching Scriptural truths with integrity and clarity
The church is the hope of the world.

Many more believe because of  acts of kindness like this.


Jesus said; “I will build my church---” and we believe that the church is the ground and pillar of truth, therefore the purpose of evangelistic campaigns should include church planting as well as demonstrating the glory of God.  Therefore as we hold evangelistic crusades we teach and raise leaders who in turn will help build the church.


Evangelist Mboto with Three of the Orphan Children



Evangelist Mboto (deceased)

Teaching some of the Orphans


You Can Make a Difference in the Lives of Honesty and Liberty



The church is the local impression of the kingdom.  God wants us to have dominion over all things here on the earth and the church is the training center for those who will rule and reign with Christ on earth. 




Ignorance is the greatest setback that any people can have.  In establishing schools, we begin to train the people for leadership and dominion.  Experience have proved that only kingdom minded people can properly give a well balanced and holistic education. Therefore we have set to build schools to prepare people who are going to become kingdom builders and also function effectively in the governments of their nations. We see these schools as the birthing place for leaders of both industry economy and politics



In May of 2003, a total stranger prophesied to Bishop Ikon as they were having lunch in a restaurant concerning the running of an orphanage under the Bishop's guidance.  The Bishop told the gentleman that he was not cut out to do such things and that he did not consider himself gifted in that direction. About the interval of ten minutes he turned to the Bishop and said again; ‘I see you running an orphanage’.  Again, Bishop Ikon told him that it was not his calling and left it there. No more discussion on the matter.


Precisely two years later the burden of running an orphanage has fallen into Bishop Idem Ikon's lap.  We cannot let the children simply die.  Our aspiration is to create a family-oriented experience instead of a dormitory experience for the children.  Orphanages need to be an expression of a family relationship rather than a group experience.




Each One! Bless One!


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Y O U   M A K E   A   D I F F E R E N C E !


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