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Q. What is eBlessings.us?

A. eBlessings.us is a website designed to proactively assist you in blessing someone else – whether through an International Children’s Pen Pals Program -- by reading spiritually enlightening books -- or by exchanging goods and services with somebody else. The idea is simple. Each one blesses another!

Q. I want to start an International Children’s Pen Pals Program in my community. How do I do it?

A. Just send us a note by clicking the “contact us” button and we’ll help you get started. We’ll send you a free information packet.

Q. How do I get Pen Pals names?

A. When you join the International Pen Pal Program, eBlessings will provide names of students in Africa who would like to be Pen Pals. We will administer the receipt and dissemination of letters to ensure each child receives a letter each time letters are exchanged. No child will drop off the list unless you tell us.

Q. Can I choose the country of my Pen Pals?

A. eBlessings has Pen Pals in Rwanda at this time. We will be expanding into other African countries soon and into other continents in the future.

How do I introduce a Pen Pals Program in my community?

A. When you are ready to start, eBlessings will provide you a teaching packet which provides age appropriate information about the country of your Pen Pals and the daily life of your Pen Pals. We do all the research for you and provide you easy to use teaching materials. All you need to supply is enthusiasm!

Q. Will the letters be in English?

A. Yes.  Some letters may be written in other languages, but all will come with English translation. Your students will enjoy reading other languages and may learn a few new words themselves.

Q. Is there a fee?

A. Yes.  We too must pay to operate this program.  Fees are based on the number of letter exchanges per year and the country in which your Pen Pals reside. We send all of our letter packets via FedEx International. This ensures your precious letters reach the Pen Pals and the destination can be tracked on line. (We will send you the tracking number – it’s fun to track the route!)  We do all that we can to keep our fees as low as possible to make it easier for everyone to participate.  All teaching packet materials are $29.95 with free periodic updates.

Q. What about safety?

A. eBlessings is very much aware of safety issues, particularly with children. This is why we never release any personal information about any Pen Pals, and require that a responsible adult read the letters to ensure no personal information such as home address is included.  All letters are mailed and received from one location through eBlessings.  Your students will not be provided an address for their Pen Pals so that no “one off” letter exchange occurs. This keeps everybody safe.


Q. I have more questions. Is there a number I can call?

A. Not at this time. You may contact eBlessings by clicking the “contact us” button, or you may mail questions to: P.O. Box 601, Stone Mountain, GA 30086.  Feel free to include your telephone number if you would like us to call you directly.

Q. How do I get in contact with HOSTA?

A. Communications can be directed to: HOSTA, Attn: Rev. Jim Jackson Mudahinyuka, B.P.: 3448, Kigali, Rwanda (Gikondo Magerwa Avenue adjacent RWACOF); Telephone: (250) 08540121; Email: hostaong@yahoo.com

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