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   EARLY IN LIFE: When I was a born, I had blue eyes and blond hair. My mother was at the mailbox collecting the mail with me in her arms. When the white postman saw me, he said to my dad, "Where did your wife get that baby from? Cause you know that is not your baby!"  That is when my problems started with my father.  I had to go to the country for the summers, Franklinton, North Carolina (from Henderson) to stay with my great Aunt Sadie and great Uncle Claude. I had to go to Franklinton so my father would not kill me. Guess what?  When I went to my first Gospel Choir practice at the Oakhurst Presbyterian Church (where I attend church) they were singing the same songs I was singing for 4-5 years during my summers at Aunt Sadie's.   Additionally, later in life, my father pistol-whipped a man because someone told my daddy that I was the man's son because I had the same name as the man (James Allen).  But anyone who has seen my dad, knows I look like him. The 13-year ordeal with my dad is outlined in the book, "Wardaddy."

    CALL INTO MINISTRY: I don't think I have ever told anyone this. May 1977, I was in prayer for my people, African-Americans in the United States, and Africans and people of color around the world. For two weeks, fasting and praying in my walk-in closet which was virtually empty because I was a college student. Then one evening while doing this, the closet filled with blue light from Heaven and that is when I received my calling of service to The Messiah. Now, I realize and understand that eBlessings is the fulfillment of His Promise in answering my praying and fasting. May 17, 1977.

   I was in the Pulpit, at Kesler Temple AMEZ Church for about 1 1/2 and went into a backslidden state. It took the LORD until 2004 to slap me hard enough up side the head to bring me out of a 1 1/2 year crack cocaine addiction and place me back on HIS PATH. Now I am happy, happy, happy and mad as hell at evil for messing up The MESSIAH's GARDEN which we call Earth. Some of the spiritually edifying information found on this site, I have never heard before. To Father God be the Glory in all things large and small. This edifying spiritual Manna is supported by Scripture (KJV) and comes from the Father's Throne Room; to say differently is blasphemy.

   US ARMY / TRAVEL: I am sharing this with you because Mrs. Elliott was shocked to learned this about me. So maybe you should know this. I was in the US Army and lived in Germany for five years. I worked at Kleber Kaserne, in Kaiserslautern at the Training Support Activity Europe (TSAE). I finished my Bachelor's of Science with the University of Maryland, European Division. I traveled extensively while there. I worked at the largest Army photo lab in Europe. It was also the largest TASC in Europe, with the Seventh Army Training Command. And we had the only electronic field production television studio (it has changed a lot since I was there) with the largest video duplication center in Europe. When the "Steady Cam" cam out, we had numbers 111 and 112. The Army sent me on TDY, on temporary duty, to points throughout Europe with television crews and photographers to make all types of Army training tapes and documentaries. I have flown over Berlin in the heart of winter for hours; Spandau Prison. I have been to the Berlin Wall when it was a dividing wall; traveling to East Berlin.  The Army paid for my 2 week stay at the Italian Rivera where a Major let me use his home while there. My producer and I were working on his program, my having spent two+ weeks in Turkey, near Erzurum.

   Before the Army, I had never been in a helicopter.  It seemed like I was in one every three or four weeks while in, filming Winter Reforger, Summer Reforger and any number of military exercises. I receive an Impact Army Accommodation (on the spot medal) for one of our training programs. Ask anyone in the service how many times they have heard of that! I used to go to Garmish Parten Kersch at least two or three times a year, most often flying there in a helicopter.

    I have been to Oktoberfest, how many times, to the Kris Kringle Mart, Oberammergau (sight of the Passion Play), to Neuschwanstein Castle (castle the Disney castle is modeled after. I have been to the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Sacra Coeur, the Roman Coliseum, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, England, Amsterdam, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, France, the Vatican, many, many castles in Europe.

    At one church, as people entered they all were taking one step backwards. I vowed not to do that, but when I entered the church there was gold on the walls and ceilings; everywhere. It took my breath away and I did what? Stepped backwards. I have traveled to the Monte Carlo Grand Prix and Cannes Film Festival on my birthday, to Montreaux (home of the Jazz Festival), to the Sistine Chapel, Paris, Italy, the French Riviera, and the list goes on. I have been by the Auschwitz Prison Camp where I could still smell the smell of dead human flesh from outside the camp. Life has taken me to many places when I lived in Europe.






A Non-Profit Network of Inter-Denominational World Citizens


Each One! Bless One!

You Make a Difference!


A Vision of Caring and Sharing!







   Our vision is to comprehensively assist and empower children, orphans, widows, AIDS/HIV victims, less-privileged and less-fortunate families and communities towards a better quality of life in an atmosphere of love through economic development programs.





  Mission Statement             


   Our mission is to motivate people to be channels of community involvement towards the achievement of a better quality of life for less fortunate children and families around the world, by raising awareness of the world-wide destruction of families and networking the interoperability of individuals, churches, missions, educational facilities, organizations, the sports and entertainment industry, and corporations.


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  About eBlessings             


   eBlessings is a faith-based, social-services corporation, network, and ministry whose purpose is to assist Christian ministries throughout the world which focus on assisting orphans, street children, and families who are in serious need of social intervention and assistance. Since 2003, eBlessings has been providing fiscal assistance and indirect community involvement with numerous Christian ministries around the world which have a social and community focus. We partner with the organizations in our network to provide economic, inspirational, and ministerial assistance.


    eBlessings also assists ministries and villagers to create an income stream and to become economically independent through the export of African arts and crafts for resale. These arts and crafts are also used as a marketing tool. The African arts and crafts help us to raise the awareness in society of ancient African artisan and their craftsmanship and it is our hope the arts will remind people of what they know of Africa and the plight of their children.


   It is our prayer that eBlessings.us will encourage you to become involved in your community and become a blessing to those around you.  We are family owned and operated and look to grow and provide a wealth of Love to each and every participant on every level. The areas which will interest you are: HOSTA (Orphans)/Pen Pals,  and the eBlessings Gift Shop.  Our purpose through this world community-based effort is to help people and to help individuals help one another through the gift of Charity.


   As an Amazon associate, eBlessings assists individuals with the layout and publication of books which they desire to get published and distributed. We also purchase arts and crafts from villagers through ministries in an effort to provide an economic pipeline to the rural artisans.


   eBlessings also publishes and distributes both nationally and internationally a number of books; the highly acclaimed International Daily Devotional in which contributing ministers from different countries and various denominations bring awareness of their ministries and organizations. The International Daily Devotional fosters interoperability and communication among the eBlessings network members and non-members alike. eBlessings network members are traveling to different countries to participate in and conduct seminars, programs, and ministry. eBlessings produces as an associate of Amazon.com several books; Wardaddy, a novel, iJac?: is JESUS a crackhead?, an inspirational book, and Growing Our Spirit Soul.  We also assist others in the layout, publication, and distribution of their books; The Four in One Gospel of JESUS, a compilation of the Gospels by a pastor in Bulgaria, Europe and his book, Forgetting Things Behind. Proceeds from eBlessings book sales are earmarked for eBlessings related projects.


   eBlessings is a faith-based, corporate network, and ministry founded by James Anthony Allen. The purpose of eBlessings is to assist Christian ministries throughout the world which focus on assisting orphans, street children, and families who are in serious need of social intervention and assistance. Currently, as an Internet ministry,


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  The Pen Pals Project             


   We established a Pen Pals program in 2004, which has serviced more than one thousand elementary school aged children in the United States and regularly correspond with school-age children in several African nations. The eBlessings' Pen Pals program director is responsible for the reception and dissemination of the letters.


   The HOSTA (Orphans)/Pen Pals Project is a driving force of the eBlessings ministry. Letters from children bridge cultural gaps, build friendships and promote international understanding. Students in the United States become Pen Pals with students in Rwanda, Africa and other nations.


   eBlessings will help you start a Pen Pals program in your community by providing Pen Pals names, training and educational materials, centralized mailing and distribution and practical suggestions. There have been over 800 plus  letters from children!  You supply the enthusiasm! 

   Our initial focus has been Rwanda, Africa through the Kigali based organization "HOSTA," but we have extended into South Africa and moving towards Democratic Republic of Congo and Zimbabwe, Zambia and other points in the world.  We will increase our ministry to orphans in other areas of need: such as books, shelter, and food as our organization and your interest and participation grows.


   The eBlessings Pen Pals program is where over one thousand children have shared the experiences of daily life in America and in Africa. The hope is that long-term relationships will be established through this cultural exchange.

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  Shop at eBlessings              


   Shop where the lights never go out!  When you shop at eBlessings you help orphans, widows, Anthony, NGO's, ministries, poor families, children go to school, and you help keep this ministry going--24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we are open.  The eBlessings Gift Shop Previews features highlights of items found throughout the sire and features community services which will  bless you.


Throughout the eBlessings' site you will find books which are written to the glory of God for the spiritual growth of us all.  Our spiritual growth helps us grow in blessing each other and spreading LOVE. 


The site  Rwandan arts and crafts, Rwandan greeting cards, Democratic Republic of Congo artisan products, products from Kenya, Wardaddy products, and other items.  Proceeds support the Orphans and Pen Pal Project and other projects for the fulfillment of His Purposes and our God-given vision!  Coming soon -- products from South Africa, Zambia, Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe, and Nigeria.




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     Humble eBlessings' Beginnings           


   While attending an International Pastors Conference in Decatur, Georgia, in January 2004, I met a number of pastors from different African countries and South America. One of the pastors lived with our family for the two weeks of the conference. The Lord led four of the pastors from Nigeria, Kenya, and Rwanda to accept our family as their own. They said the Holy Spirit spoke to them and told us we were their new spiritual family.

   The pastors prayed with us and for us and a mutual bond was formed. Rev. Jim Jackson Mudahinyuka asked me if I would be the representative for his orphan organization, HOSTA (Hope for the Orphans to Skills and Training) in the United States. I accepted. He asked me if I could create a web site for the cause. I knew of free web hosting companies and I knew I had web building software. I thought that I could do it post haste. While contemplating the site I knew that it would have been a “quick and dirty” site and that is not something I wanted to do.


   Unknown to Rev. Jackson Mudahinyuka, the Lord had delivered me from a crack cocaine habit in the fall of the year before the conference and He had birthed in me a testimonial book, “Is Jesus a crackhead?” and a number of other books and booklets in the “Flesh Soul versus the Spirit Soul” series. The Lord had promised that these writings were to raise a generation of spiritual warriors. Where God places a vision He places His Provision. Not only that, He gives a place for His Provision to go. In this case, it is towards HOSTA initially, other needy African social programs, South American social programs and American social programs. Additionally, what Rev. Mudahinyuka didn’t know at the time is that the Lord had also birthed in me a vision for a web site, which would be modeled after a consignment store, but online; Panel #2, the eBlessings Exchange.


    I really couldn’t see how it was going to happen, but the Lord had placed the vision in my spirit. The Holy Spirit told me the name of the site was to be eBlessings. When I went to register the domain name, I could only get .us not .com. So the name of the web site and business became eBlessings.us.


    Rev. Mudahinyuka at a Sunday service before he left the United States, asked my wife casually in a ten-20 second conversation, if she knew children who would like to write to his children who are orphans; who just needed to know that someone else in the world cared for them. My wife and I went to the local school system and asked the principal and teachers about it; they said it was okay. We sent over 120 letters to the Rwandan orphanage and they sent letters in response; Panel #1 of the web site was birthed—the Orphans/Pen Pals program. It is a driving force of the web site.

    My son and I were getting ready for T. D. Jakes Mega Fest. We were getting ready to go there to sell our books (four each) and I asked Rev. Jackson if I could scan in the greeting cards that came with the first set of Pen Pal letters. I was planning to scan them and sell them (replicas) at Mega Fest and give the proceeds to HOSTA (the orphanage organization). He said it was fine with him, but since the children made the cards that he would send me some. Not only would he send the cards he said, but he would send some other things as well. He sent over $3,000 worth of Rwandan arts and crafts. This was the birth of Panel #3, the eBlessings Gift Shop.


    The Lord began to show me the web site. It was to include: 1) Orphans/Pen Pals program; 2) the eBlessings Gift Shop, the vehicle for selling the God-given, Holy Spirit inspired books arts and crafts and other merchandise from eBlessings and other businesses and individuals; and 3) International Daily Devotionals . The web site: www.eBlessings.us  Please visit the web site, make it your home page and tell your friends.

    The Lord has been moving ever since. As we well know here in our home, He has been moving for quite a while now. We published the web site Saturday, May 15, 2004. The first panel (Orphans/Pen Pals) has some of the 1,000 plus letters flowing back and forth, to and from Rwanda and America. The third panel (eBlessings Gift Shop) have arts and crafts products from ministries and businessmen associated with churches from around the world. The eBlessings Gift Shop has arts and crafts from Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, and books/items/goods and the books from other pastors and brothers and sisters in Christ. We are expecting goods from South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Ivory Coast. The second panel (eBlessings Exchange) is an ads online store where anyone can place their goods and services for the world community. The web site is a ministry in action. Proceeds from all sites are planned to go to the maintenance of the site and to humanitarian efforts around the world and in the USA.


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  eBlessings' World Outreach              


   We have been in the business of assisting orphans and street children for over three years by purchasing arts and crafts to have economic input in impoverished areas, sending clothing and household items, supporting community-based ministries and establishing cultural exchange through orphans writing local American children.


    There is a large number of street children and orphans in many countries. The causes of this problem are: HIV/AIDS, genocide, child abandonment, rape, torture, domestic abuse, poverty, war, and the lack of economic opportunity, coupled with little to no education of parents and guardians. This has resulted in a large number of disenfranchised children and families who are unable to avail themselves of opportunities available to socially integrated families and community members. Human rights violations against children in the 1990s have become a common and disturbing occurrence in many third-world countries.


    Numerous organizations, which have a social and community focus, partner with eBlessings. In Rwanda, we network with HOSTA, Mission Puissance de la parole MPP, Good Samaritan Christian Association, Association of Pentecostal Churches; in Liberia, Children for Christ Ministries International, Victory Assembly Church, Liberian Refugee Camp, Liberian Children Educational Rescue Foundation; Life in Glory Apostolic Christian Center; in Ethiopia, East African Sisters for Charities, Full Gospel Church; in India, Jesus Gospel Outreach Ministries, Light of Hope Association, Jesus Christ Prayer Church, Four Corners Ministries, Jesus Love Ministries; in Ivory Coast, Evangelic Church of Revelation, Mission International Canaan Grace et Benediction; in Kenya, Jesus Praise Centre Church, Living in Victory International Ministries; in Gambia, Glory World Outreach Ministries; in Lome-Togo, Pentecostal Mission of the Christian Fraternity of Togo; in Burkina Faso, Assembly Church of God; in Myanmar, Four Corners Ministries; in South Africa, Free Gospel Fire Ministry, His Centre Praise & Worship Cathedral, Tower of Grace Worship Center; in Nigeria, Gospel Missionary Foundation, Revival Valley Ministries, Healing Banquet Ministries, Laughter Foundation Christian Ministry, Turningpoint Ministries, Christ Tower Bible Church, The Word Of Righteousness Ministries International; in Zambia, Shalom Bible College; in Zimbabwe, Greater Bibleway Gospel Church; in Ghana, Success Life Ministries, Hope Assemblies Of God; in Congo, Yahwe Jire Church and in Tanzania, Save the Nation Foundation (SANAFO).


    These organizations, most all of which are Christian church-based, represent men and women who live lives dedicated to the service of others. They are currently giving social assistance in the communities in which they live and are therefore positioned physically and organizationally to administer available resources. It is eBlessings position not to administer any funding until an executive board member visits the facilities, children, and families who we seek to assist through these organizations. One of our goals is to address the needs of street children and orphans in Burkina Faso, Bulgaria, Ethiopia, Ghana, Gambia, India, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Myanmar, Nigeria, Liberia, Rwanda, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Togo, and Tanzania through the provision of in kind supplies including food, clothing, shelter, and financial support to host orphanage homes and related facilities (educational, shelters, and after school facilities) in selected countries.


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Secure Pay Pal Site






All written correspondence, checks (cheques), money orders, offerings, tithes, gifts, joys, love offerings, contributions, support, and all payments may be sent to:




Email may be sent to:






All written correspondence, checks (cheques), money orders, offerings, tithes, gifts, joys, love offerings, contributions, support, and all payments may be sent to:




Please feel free to contact any of the Outreach Partners whose information is found on this web site to send your financial gifts of support as they help you spread the Gospel to all the corners of the earth. If you have any questions concerning any of the ministries, visiting countries, and any other points of interest and questions, direct them to James Anthony Allen, Email: eblessings@gmail.com.


Offerings, tithes, gifts, joys, love offerings, contributions, support, and all payments may made here through Pay Pal:


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A Vision of Caring and Sharing!

Each One! Bless One!

You Make a Difference!



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