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Pastor P. I. J. Sudhakar

Greetings to you in the Matchless Name of our Lord and Redeemer Jesus Christ, who is Coming very soon to take us to be with Him forever. I personally thank you for writing to me and for being interested to know more about my ministry here. I am sure that it is not by chance that we have known each other but to fulfill a purpose that has been pre-planned by God before the foundations of the world. In fact, we are greatly indebted to God for His unfailing faithfulness to us. Amen.


I. Introduction:


“Good Samaritan Christian Evangelical Welfare Ministries” is a Registered Religious, Social, Non-Profit and Charitable Organization that has great desire to touch and benefit the lives of thousands of people in India, primarily in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The organization came into existence in the year 2005, Dec. 19, when the Lord placed a great amount of Love and Passion in the heart of Pastor PIJ Sudhakar for the souls, perishing without the knowledge of One True God Jesus Christ and for the people of underprivileged and neglected society. The organization has been functioning with great commitment and real dedication to make a remarkable difference in Indian Society by bringing radical change in Spiritual, Physical and Social life of people through preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and through serving and helping the people of underprivileged society, specially the tribal people.


The organization is registered by the Government of Andhra Pradesh, India. Pastor P.I.J Sudhakar was moved with compassion when he came to know that there were 400,000 villages in India where no one had ever gone to preach the Good News of Jesus Christ. This news filled his heart with great passion for lost and perishing souls. His heart also has love and care for the orphan and destitute kids. We strongly believe that God is going to use us in the years to come to accomplish great and mighty things for the expansion of His kingdom in this nation that is full of idols and blind beliefs and for the eradication of Satanic Activities.  Amen.




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II. Vision & Goals:

A. Our Vision:

The Vision of Good Samaritan is two fold:

  1. Preaching Christ where He is unknown, first in the state of Andhra Pradesh, then the whole India. In the state of Andhra Pradesh there are many more villages that have not heard the Name of Christ. According to Government Statistics, there are only 1.6% of Christians in the state, which clearly expresses the need for more effective evangelism. Some Christian organizations claim that the state has 16% of Christians. Even if this is the case, still there are many people and villages to be reached. Good Samaritan Ministries want to accomplish this by training and sending missionaries out.

  2. Helping and Serving the Underprivileged Society is the other part of Good Samaritan Ministries Vision. We want to show the love of Christ to people in practical way by caring for the street kids, helping victims of natural disasters, miserable lepers, Aids patients and Abandoned aged people etc…



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B. Our Goals:

  1. To take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to 100 New Villages every year and more villages in the future if the Lord provides more Missionaries.

  2. To Establish a Bible College to train up 50 young men and women every year so that they can enter the ministry and win new villages and people for Christ.

  3. To Reach 1000 children every year through Sunday Schools and Children Bible Clubs and Youth through Youth Conferences.

  4. To hold Open-air Gospel Crusades to Preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  5. To Construct 12 Churches every year in the villages, which we have won for Christ.

  6. To establish homes for the Orphan and Destitute Children, to give them love, care, good shelter, food and education and make them better Citizens for God and Country.

  7. To establish homes for the people who are rejected by the society because of Leprosy and HIV Aids.

  8. To establish homes for the aged people who have no one to care for them or are abandoned by every one and who have no shelter and proper food.

  9. To educate the uneducated and illiterate people through night schools and other literacy programs.

  10. To dig bore wells to provide clean and safe drinking water to Tribal people.




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III. Achievements:

  1. We have, so far, taken the Gospel of Jesus Christ to 125 Villages that did not have a single Christian in them. We have constructed churches in some of these villages.

  2. We have Trained and Prepared 37 missionaries who are now working in different parts of Andhra Pradesh state, leading hundreds of lost souls to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

  3. We have reached 3200 children with the Good News of Jesus Christ through Sunday Schools, Child Evangelism and Vacation Bible Schools.

  4. We have been taking care of 150 street kids in three different homes. On 1st Nov. 2006, we opened our third home for 50 more orphan and destitute kids. All of them are leading better lives, knowing Christ as their Love and Master.

  5. More than 700 Young men and women have been led to Christ through Youth Conferences and some of them are set free from Bad Habits. Some of them have entered Gospel Ministry.

  6. We have educated nearly 200 uneducated people who are now well able to read, write and better communicate.



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IV. Our Ministries:

            A. Gospel Activities:

  1.  Reaching the un-reached through Missionaries: India is a vast nation with more than 600,000 villages in it. While more than 500,000 villages have no Churches in them, people in more than 300,000 villages have never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It may sound unbelievable, yet it is true to its core. The Nation India needs to be reached. There are thousands of people in India, perishing without the Saving Knowledge of One True God Jesus Christ for want of preaching the Good News of Jesus Christ. Those villages need to be reached. Those people in the village need to hear about God's Love and the sacrificial death of Lord Jesus Christ on the Cross for them. God loves them and we strongly feel that He wants us to reach them for Him. Good Samaritan Ministries is reaching these villages by training and sending missionaries in to villages where there is no Gospel. Now, there are 37 Missionaries who are working in Different villages of Andhra Pradesh. So far, we have reached 320 villages that had no Christian Witness. This year, 37 more villages are being brought to the Saving Knowledge of Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord. Good Samaritan Missionaries are, undoubtedly, are achieving remarkable results because of the scheme, which the organization implemented, known as "Each Year Catch A Village". The missionaries are encouraged to choose 10 or 15 villages and reach them village after village in a span of 7 years.  So, all these 37 missionaries are doing a wonderful job in reaching the villages they have chosen according to a plan. Praise the Lord for the Lord is using them for the expansion of His Kingdom. Amen.

  1. Church Planting: We want to construct a Church in Each village where we have taken the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Good Samaritan Ministries’ Prime Goal is to prepare a people in every village who will then reach the rest of the village by the Christian Community in the village. After the missionary moves to another new village, we want to construct a church building in the village where the people of the village can gather together to praise the worship the Lord. It has been our desire to construct at least 12 churches in a year in 12 different villages that have got the good number of Christians in them. So far, we have been able to built only 11 churches in all the past years.

  1. Gospel Crusades: Good Samaritan Ministries takes the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the un-reached towns and villages by holding Gospel Crusades, which are generally attended by hundreds and thousands of people. God the Holy Spirit mightily moves in these Gospel Crusades, convicting people of their sins and coming judgment. The Lord is using Pastor Sudhakar Mightily to preach the Word with Power and Authority. So far, more than 22,000 people have accepted Lord Jesus as their personal Savior and the Lord through these Gospel Crusades. These Crusades are mainly conducted in the towns. Usually the Gospel crusades in each town last from 3 days to 5 days.  One month before the Crusades, the Good Samaritan Crusades team goes to the particular town and works for these crusades by going to every house and street in the town, telling people about these crusades and inviting them to attend the same. This team makes all the arrangements such as Publicity, Making tents, Stage and seating arrangements, transportation etc... They work voluntarily and take care of the people who have newly come to the Lord, counsel them and prepare them for water baptism.

  1.  Youth Meetings: Youth has been one of the main concentrations of Good Samaritan Ministries. In fact, this organization, in the first place, came in to existence with a Vision to reach the lost youth for Christ. It is our pleasure to inform you that, by God's abundant Grace, we have been blessings to many many young people by leading them to Christ the only Savior of the World. Primarily, we reach the youth by Conducting Youth Retreats and Youth Conferences which are really very very effective in the lives of young people to get to know that Lord and to have strong fellowship with Him. There are hundreds of young people here who can testify of the Great and mighty a thing God has done in their life though our Youth Retreats and Youth Conferences. To Him be alone all the praise!

  1. Child Evangelism: Good Samaritan Ministries believes that the Children are very important in the Kingdom of the Lord. Jesus Himself gave much importance to Children and He rebuked His disciples when they tried to hinder them from coming to Him. Children have always been one of the main concentrations of our organization. We try to reach them through Child Evangelism, Sunday Schools, Vacation Bible School, Children's Bible Club etc... We are very much pleased to tell you that we have reached more than 2900 children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have trained 13 Sunday school teachers who try to reach the children regularly according to a plan. Our Sunday school teachers regularly go to different Sunday Schools every Sunday and teach the kids. We also show the kids puppet shows, different skits, action songs and etc... Our main aim in doing children's ministry is to let the kids know that Jesus is the Lord of the world while they are still young. We want to plant the seed of God's love in their little hearts. Thank you.



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B. Services to Needy Societies:

1.      Children’s Homes: Good Samaritan Ministries has very special heart for the Street Kids and this made us establish 3 homes for the children that have lost their fathers and mother. We feel very special love for them because we know that God created them and that they are precious to Him. We count them as God's own Children. I am sure you are well aware of the Tremendous Tsunami, occurred in December 2004. It is a well-known fact that it caused a great deal of damage in costal states of Andhra Pradesh like Tamilnadu, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. Many fishermen and women who were in the sea at that time never came back to the shore. The very sad thing that happened then was that many children became orphans. Most of the kids lost their father while a good number of children lost both the father and mother. Some children even washed away into the sea. Many Children became orphans. Having no one to care for them, they began to wander in the streets, half naked, begging some money so that they could buy a piece of bread to fill their stomachs. They were abandoned and rejected. They took their shelter in bus stations and railway stations. Their lives became indescribably miserable. At this juncture, Good Samaritan Ministries felt compassion on them and established the first home in June 2005 when we began to care for 50 kids who were in most need of the care. Later we established two more homes for them. Together, there are 150 street kids in these three homes, leading better lives. They are very much loved and cared for. Now, they no longer remember their bitter experiences.


2.      Night Schools for Tribal Illiterate people: The trial people are one of the main concentrations of Good Samaritan ministries. It has special heart for them because they are very backward and have not seen many good things in life. Most of the people are born in ignorance, live in ignorance and die in ignorance. They know very little about the civilization. Moreover, they are the people with blind and irrational beliefs. They worship the idols made of wood, stone and clay. They practice things like witch craft, infant sacrifice etc… We know education plays a major role in eradication of ignorance. So, we are trying to educate them through this Night School. The reason why we choose night schools is because all these people go to work during day. We could achieve amazing results in this. We have established 3 night schools in 3 different areas. They are doing very well. More and more people are showing their interest in learning education. We are pleased to inform you that many people who were once illiterate are now able to read, write and effectively communicate.


3.      Medical Camps for Poor and Tribal People: Unfortunately, medical treatment or medicine is not within the reach of most of these tribal people because they live very far from the towns so to say they live in places like forests and on hill tops. They do not even have proper communication or transportation facilities. It is no exaggeration to state that most of the people have never seen hospitals in their life. Usually, these people use some traditional medicine, which, in most cases, does no good to them. Many die at their young age, while many other suffer from chronic diseases. Therefore, Good Samaritan helps these people by Conducting free Medical Camps every month. We take good doctors and medicine to check the people. Hundreds of people have been benefited by these camps.


4.      Pure and Clean Water Projects: Another area where Good Samaritan is touching the lives of these pitiable people in the area of drinking water. These people usually drink the water from canals and streams that flows from the tops of the mountains. This water is polluted in so many ways by the time it reaches these people. Most of these people generally get sick because they drink this unclean and polluted water. So, Good Samaritan is helping these people get pure and clean drinking water by digging bore wells for them. We have been able to dig 27 bore wells in different villages where people are now getting pure drinking water and keeping themselves away from the diseases caused due to drinking of unclean water.


5.      Tailoring and Computer Training Centers for Poor Widows and Youth: Good Samaritan has been a real blessing to poor widows and youth who are not able to afford for self employment training and other technical courses such as Computer etc… In fact, most of the widows commit suicide because their husbands are dead and they have no source of income because they were wholly dependent of their husbands for their livelihood. Most of the youth are discouraged thinking that they can achieve nothing in life due to their poverty. Good Samaritan is filling such lives with hope and expectation by offering them free Tailoring and Computer Training.


6.      Homes for the Abandoned Senior Citizens: Good Samaritan loves Aged people and takes great pleasure in caring for the people who have none to care for them or who are deserted by their own children or relatives. Good Samaritan has established two homes for such people, where 46 senior citizens are provided food, shelter and care. All of them are leading very happy lives because of what Good Samaritan is doing unto them. They are very much grateful to the organization for the compassion shown to them.




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V. Current Project:


Children’s Homes: As stated earlier, Good Samaritan cares for 152 orphan and destitute children. Speaking from the beginning, in June 2005 we inaugurated a home for 50 orphan kids. We were able to take a good care of them, giving them good food, education and shelter. As we saw the more orphan children (because of the Tsunami which claimed many lives), wandering the streets without any hope and expectation in their lives, half naked and begging whole day for their bread, we inaugurated another home for 52 kids in July 2006 and later we inaugurated one more home for 50 more kids in November 2006. Thus, now we have 3 homes where 152 kids are loved and cared for.



What we are doing for these kids: At the moment, we are able to sufficiently provide for the 50 kids in the first home. They are leading pretty good and enjoyable lives. They are growing stronger and healthier. They have gained back their confidence and are doing excellent in their studies and in every aspect of life. God has been blessing them with his Heavenly blessings. Some of the children are getting awards in their studies and sports.


But for the 102 kids in 2nd and 3rd homes, we are not able to do much. We know these kids deserve a lot in their life because they have suffered so much. We are able to give them milk and bread in the morning and little bit of food in the afternoon and evening. We are not able to provide them with good clothing, shelter and education etc… We want to give them delicious and nutritious food. We took them in to homes because of their wretched and miserable lives. We still do not have proper homes for them. We have not been able to provide them with good clothing. Some of them are still putting on torn clothes. Most of the children are just sleeping on the floor with just a blanket spread on the floor. We have not been able to provide them with enough toilets too.



What we need: To provide each of this 102 kids with sufficient food and too meet all their needs satisfactorily, we need 25 USD dollar each child per month. We are looking for some kind and generous people or some social organizations that have heart for street kids so that they can support and sponsor the kids. Just your 25 USD per month can make a needy and orphan child smile here. We will be very much grateful to you if you can have compassion on these kids and arrange some help for these lovely kids. Thank you.





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